Leather Fringe: Sold by the Foot


Cowhide Leather Fringe. Now in a range of beautiful colors!

Our Leather Fringe is a quality item to our shop. Now for all crafts, you can add a whole new element!

Oil Tanned Option - When handled, this Leather Fringe has a Vintage effect giving it the beauty of aged Leather Fringe.

Whether for Jacket Sleeves, Handbag trim, Keychains, Boot detail, and more, you can use our Leather Fringe to add some extra Flare to your designs!

1/4 - Inch Wide
7 - Inch Length
1 - Inch Lip

1.1-1.3 mm cow leather fringe

 All orders will be delivered as continuous unless otherwise requested.

Please note, in order to allow for continuous some orders will be delivered as joined with adhesive.

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