The Tannery NYC

Full Grain Leather Scraps and Remnants: Sold by pound

  • Quality leather scraps and remnants (mostly full grain leather).
  • Sold by the pound: (1lb, 3 lb and 5 lb variations).
  • Scrap is shipped as pictured (photo 3) in the bag (which is a white bag for shipping). 
  • While a source of good leather value, you should expect the leather pieces to have potential defects such as scars, ticks, holes, etc. 
  • Each 1 lb bag has about 4-5 colors on average. Please note that Blacks and Browns are considered colors (in fact, they should be expected). Metallic leathers and or embossed leathers may be included
  • Different variation of sizes and colors amongst the remnants
  • The leather is generally soft and supple. All the leather is pliable and workable with the basic home machinery

Our full grain scrap are a great resource for:

  • Small leather goods
  • Leather earrings
  • Arts and crafts,
  • Fringe making,
  • Leather jewelry
  • Leather hobbyists 
  • DIY Projects
  • Product repair
  • Scrapbooking 

We cannot accept Returns of this product