Apricot Natural Grain Cowhide Leather Skins
Apricot Natural Grain Cowhide Leather Skins
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Apricot Natural Grain Cowhide Leather Skins

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Cowhide Leather: Apricot Soft Natural Pebble Grain Sides, 1.1 - 1.3 (2.5-3 oz) in thickness

Available in a 10 square foot cut (Half Side) or a full side (around 20 square feet on average)
Finished in USA
1.1 - 1.3 mm in thickness (2.5-3.0oz)
Natural pebble grain, so you can expect the grain to vary throughout the skin
Soft, supple and buttery hand feel. This leather is pliable and the perfect leather for your hand made leather products

Our sides are about 100'' x 45'' at their longest points on average. Please keep in mind, the odd shape of leather, along with the inconsistency in shape and size from each skin.

Great to Use for:

Leather Crafts
Book and Album Covers
Small Leather Goods
Upholstery repair
Arts and crafts

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